Fun Fact: Wiggins Clinic (Revised)

See what you learn when you “think” you remember something! I should have verified this with Daddy in the first place (Dr. Mc).

Did you know that the building which now houses the Wiggins Police Department at 303 First Street South was home for over 40 years to the Wiggins Clinic. Wiggins Clinic became associated with Hattiesburg Clinic in the 1990s and in time moved to their current location on Hall Street. The Clinic was original located on the corner of 1st Street and Bond Avenue.  He remembers that the larger (2nd) clinic facility was built around 1958.

During the years “the Clinic”, as we called it, operated on First Street, four primary care physicians roamed the long hallway from exam room to exam room. These are: Dr. H.F. Campbell, Dr. Bob Prevost, Dr. Gordon S. McHenry, and Dr. James W. Holmes. While other primary care physicians joined the medical staff at different times, these doctors come to mind when we we think back to trips to the doctor during the late 1950s-1980s.  You probably even remember the nursing and front office staff, the glass jars with suckers in the exam rooms, the green tiled minor surgery room, and the long hallway down the back. And if you were lucky enough, you might even remember hanging out in the “lounge” spreading peanut butter on crackers with a tongue depressor and drinking cokes from the old ice box that stood in the corner!

Recollections of Cille McHenry Litchfield, personal family history; thanks to Russ Hatten and Dr. Gordon McHenry for corrections to this post!

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  1. Cille, Check with your dad, I think they started out in the building just North of Purvis Saw, the building at the intersection of Bond & First street???

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