Fun Fact: Finkbine Lumber Company

Finkbine Lumber Company, also referenced in some texts as Finkbine-Guild Lumber Company, purchased the two sawmills belonging to Niles City Lumber Company in 1901 for $13,300. W. E Guild , Treasurer of the company, became general manager of the Wiggins operation in 1903. Until the mills and timber lands were sold in 1929, Finkbine’s Wiggins mill capacity was over 175,000 board feet per day. The company also operated over 50 miles of track within the area of operation.

Primary timber processed was long leaf yellow pine. It was processed for both domestic and export (via Gulfport) purposes.  Finkbine built a number of houses and other other structures in the growing town of Wiggins over this period. Some of those remain today especially along Pine Street.



English: Letterhead from Finkbine Lumber Compa...
English: Letterhead from Finkbine Lumber Company, 1907. Digital representation of original Finkbine Lumber Company letterhead in private family collection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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