Fun Fact: Points of Interest in Perkinston – 1939


By Mrs. C.E. Wells

One page of the project report describes  Points of Interest  in Perkinston.

“The farm owned by the Agricultural College is of outstanding interest, noted for the manner in which it is operated and the number of dairy cattle maintained.

A short distant west of town there are numbers of acres being developed in the Tung Oil Industry, the tung nuts being crushed for the oil which is used in making paint.

A brick factory is located in the environs of the town to the south.  Very fine clay is found in this section, suitable for the making of brick, tile, pottery and for moulding clays of all sorts.

The outstanding feature of Perkinston is the Harrison-Jackson-Stone Agricultural High School and Junior College.  Perkinston has an excellent public school, featuring the grammar grades, which has long been a feeder for the Agricultural High School.

West of town stands the “Little Brown Church” , Baptist, a wooden structure.”

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