Fun Fact: The Stone County Industrial Board

The following is an excerpt from  “The Story of Stone County Industrial Board”  written by Brax H. Batson  (July, 2009):

The Stone County Industrial Board 

 The Stone County Industrial Board, which had a brief life of about  12 years from 1957 to 1969, but had a profound effect on the Wiggins and Stone county we know today.  It is a story of what can be done with good leadership and a group of civic-minded citizens, working as a team for the greater good.

The Board composed of ordinary business and professional men of the community, all volunteers, at times using their own money, facilitated the following projects between 1957-69:

 Wiggins Lumber Co. — employing 70 persons at the plant

Neely Lumber Co. — employing 30 persons at the plant

Brown – Miller Pickle plant expansion — saving 200 jobs for 30 years

Southern Paper Co. –employing  180 persons  (changed to Coastal Paper)

Kuttnauer Enterprises, a sewing plant –  employing 30 – 50 persons

International Plywood Mill  (Now Hood Industries)

International Wood Treating Plant

Wiggins- Stone Airport

Flint Creek Water Park

New Post Office Building

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