Fun Fact: The Old Gum Springs at McHenry

From W.P.A. for Mississippi Historical Research

Project: Stone County , Aug. 3, 1937

Written by  Mrs. Charles E. Wells

 The Old Gum Springs at McHenry

“L.B. Goddard bought the old Perry Bond house about 24 years (1913) ago.  The Old Gum Springs were there then and are yet.  A little branch trickles along and the springs are under a little embankment.  It was a favorite place for the Goddard children to play.  There are also other springs in the vicinity.  When Dr. Pafford owned the place, after the Goddards, his wife had an artificial pond made, fed by these springs, with the thought of making a recreational resort at the place.  This pond can still be seen from the new U.S. 49 which is slightly east of the main town of McHenry.

The story of the Copeland gang camping at these springs, is a common tradition in McHenry.  But there is some confusion of dates.  If this house was built when they (camped there),  it is older than 75 years, for Copeland was hanged in 1857.  Only an exhaustive search of land records would reveal the exact date of the homesteading.”

Interview with Mrs. L.B. Goddard

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