Fun Fact: Stone County Circuit Clerks

From W.P.A. Research Project — Subject : County History

(This was written around 1937.)

“Stone County holds the record of having more men serve as Circuit Clerk in one month than any other county in the state. The records of that office  show four different men held the office during the month of June, 1918:

W.L. Curry served 6 days

W.R Hatten , under appointment, served until the 16th when he resigned to enter the race for Circuit Clerk

W.F. Danley, appointed by the Governor, served to the 28th

J.N. Dale was elected on the 28th in a special election held for that purpose.

Fun Fact: Stone County – Mississippi’s Mural County

Effective May 1, 2012, via Senate Resolution 643, the 2012 Mississippi Legislature declared that Stone County is Mississippi’s Mural County. Sunset Through the Longleaf Pines was the first mural erected and can be found in Blaylock Park. Since then over twenty mosaic tile and painted murals have been erected in the County with more in the planning stages. The murals evolved through The Telling Trees, a project to capture and present the stories of Stone County through the arts.

Sunset Through the Longleaf Pines
Sunset Through the Longleaf Pines

Fun Fact: Emilie and Marie Stapp

Around 1928, Emilie and Marie Stapp moved to the small town of Wiggins, Mississippi where they had acquired 80 acres of land two miles east of town on Mississippi Hughway 26. They named their new property Friendship Farm. In the quiet solitude of southern Mississippi, Emilie Stapp could fully devote herself to creative writing. Upon the fertile ground of Friendship Farm, Emilie and Marie Stapp established a pecan orchard and built their home named The Dolls’ House. The home received its name from a rare collection of over 400 dolls of historic significance, that the Stapp sisters acquired from their world travels and prominently displayed there.

Soon after their arrival in Wiggins, Mississippi, Emilie and her sister Marie, became actively involved within the community. In 1932, they deeded 12 acres  of land and a club house to the Women’s Club of Wiggins, and with a donation of over 4,000 books, they established the first lending library in Stone County. Becoming concerned with the dilapidated condition of the old post office, the Stapp sisters funded construction of a new post office for the City of Wiggins.

The collection of dolls and their personal papers are part of the McCain Library and Archives at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Emilie Stapp
Emilie Stapp