Historic Stone County Post Cards – John Sharp

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Fun Fact: Wiggins School 1905

Wiggins High School 1905
Wiggins High School 1905

Did you realize the original Wiggins High School was a boarding school? Built in 1905 on the location where Blaylock Park now exists, this school was for boys and girls. Note this was still while Wiggins was a part of Harrison County!

Fun Fact: Wiggins High School

Wiggins High School - 1957
Wiggins High School – 1957

As reported in the Stone County Enterprise, Wiggins High School would open for grades 9-12 on September 1, 1957.  This original wing is part of the Stone High Complex today.

Source: http://stc.stparchive.com/Archive/STC/STC08291957P01.php