Fun Fact” The Lonesome Pine”

April 12, 1937 from the Works Project Administration (W.P.A. Historical Research Project) and the State Forestry Commission:

There is a  famous tree known as “The Lonesome Pine”  located in the forks of Red and Flint Creeks, about 6 miles SE of Wiggins.

Tree Dimensions

Circumference —–  17 feet 6 inches

Diameter—–5 feet 6 inches

Height ——- 114 feet

Height to first limbs ——– 50 feet

Limb spread —– 78 feet

Species —– yellow bark short leaf pine

“The inaccessibility of this tree and its immensity is why it has never been cut.  During the life of Finkbine Lumber Company at Wiggins, one hundred dollars was offered to anyone who would deliver it to their mill.  One man attempted, but found it too large to handle.”

Do you remember this tree?  Do you remember what happened to it?  If so, please contact the Old Firehouse Museum and let us know!

Fun Fact: Red Creek Blueway

Red Creek
Red Creek

Growing up in Stone County, you probably learned to swim in one of two places – the Perk pool (at then Perkinston Junior College) or in Red Creek. The latter was more likely the case. Chances are that your “spot” of choice was either at City Bridge or at the Highway 49 Bridge just north of the Perk turn-off. The clear waters with their reddish tint provided must relief on many a hot afternoon as well as provided lots of food for the table.

Today Red Creek is, in part, protected and promoted by The Land Trust of the Mississippi Coastal Plain. The Red Creek Blueway is a public waterway from Highway 26 west of Wiggins to its joining with Black Creek and has been designated one of Mississippi’s Scenic Streams.

The easternmost segment of the Blueway begins at Cable Bridge and ends at Highway 15. Along this segment, you will see the natural springs that feed the creek close to the historic site of the historic Ramsey Springs Hotel.