2017 Doll Show and Tea Party


Join us for the 2017 Doll Show and Tea Party on March 11, 2017 at the Ferris O’Neal Senior Center, 1240 South Magnolia Drive in Wiggins, Mississippi 39577. Admission is free.

The Doll Show exhibit is open from 9AM to 2PM. The Tea Party is from 10:30AM to 12:30PM.

If you are interested in showcasing your dolls as part of the exhibit, please bring your doll(s) for placement to the Ferris O’Neal Senior Center on Friday, March 10 from 4PM-6PM or on Saturday, March 11 from 8AM to 9AM.

For more information, please contact the Old Firehouse Museum at oldfirehousewiggins@gmail.com.


Historic Stone County Post Cards – John Sharp

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Fun Fact: Points of Interest in Perkinston – 1939


By Mrs. C.E. Wells

One page of the project report describes  Points of Interest  in Perkinston.

“The farm owned by the Agricultural College is of outstanding interest, noted for the manner in which it is operated and the number of dairy cattle maintained.

A short distant west of town there are numbers of acres being developed in the Tung Oil Industry, the tung nuts being crushed for the oil which is used in making paint.

A brick factory is located in the environs of the town to the south.  Very fine clay is found in this section, suitable for the making of brick, tile, pottery and for moulding clays of all sorts.

The outstanding feature of Perkinston is the Harrison-Jackson-Stone Agricultural High School and Junior College.  Perkinston has an excellent public school, featuring the grammar grades, which has long been a feeder for the Agricultural High School.

West of town stands the “Little Brown Church” , Baptist, a wooden structure.”

Fun Fact: Tank Unloaded in Wiggins

This photo was provided by Glenn Husted, Arms and Vehicle Conservator at the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum at Camp Shelby.  In the background, you see a jeep and a military truck.

As we celebrate America today, let’s be sure to remember all those who have served since American Revolution to preserve the freedoms we enjoy today.

Tank unloaded in Wiggins at Pine Street Crossing
Tank unloaded in Wiggins at Pine Street Crossing

Bank of Wiggins Hosts Museum Heroes Exhibit


Visit the Bank of Wiggins to see The Old Firehouse Museum’s first traveling exhibit, Stone County’s Heroes. The exhibit includes a wall of photos of some 350 men and women from our area who served in the military in WWII. It is incomplete. We are still looking for photos of others who served.

Please take time to visit the exhibit… it is quite moving and inspiring. During WW II, brothers were sent overseas to fight. Some families had 3 or 4 brothers in the service. The Brooks family had 7 brothers in the war. What sacrifices the mothers and fathers made by giving up their sons and daughters to fight for the freedom of all.

If you have photos of Stone County heroes from any branch of service and from any time period, please email those to oldfirehousewiggins@gmail.com.